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El Paso, TX to Bisbee, AZ

Bisbee = Maybe my future home?

Woke up in El Paso feeling sick with Texas allergies. Passed a monument where Jeronome surrendered to the US army near Skeleton Canyon, AZ ending the bloodshed between the Apache and the U.S army. My original plan was to stay in Tombstone, AZ but Bisbee, AZ was too enchanting to just pass through. During October they shine the Batman beacon on a mountain. Went to an open mic at a bar that used to be an old stock exchange building from 1890 and made friends with all the locals. Bisbee used to be a thriving town from the copper mines but is now a tourist trap filled with artists and ghosts. Found out that rent in Bisbee is $375 for a 1bdrm/1 bath apartment.

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