Slept for 3 hours and up for 22 hours

Bisbee, AZ - Douglas, AZ - Naco, Mexico - Tombstone, AZ - Tubac, AZ - Nogales,AZ

So much happened it's hard to write it all down. One of the longest days of my life.

Woke up at 4am to go to a peace rally at the border of Douglas, AZ. We were the only ones that showed up to the rally besides the army of border patrol units following us.

Went off-roading in Mexico and almost got stuck.

After Mexico it was time to drive 2 hours west to Tubac for my show. Went through Tombstone which was a disappointment. Glad I had decided to stay in Bisbee the night before rather than staying in Tombstone.

I didn't have any ganja on me but luckily I had buried some out in the desert from my last visit in Tubac. I didn't think it would still be there due to flash floods washing it away. When I unearthed my lost treasure it was still there but water had found it's way inside.

And finally I played the first show of my tour and sold all of my CD's. Forget that I am on tour sometimes.

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