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Superstition Mountains, AZ

Cheating Death

The mountains are truly superstitious and I met a lot of interesting blokes. Started the day driving from somewhere north of Tucson and slowly made my way up into the Superstition mountains. Once I got to the top of the mountain range I pulled over at a lookout point and wrote some music. My music attracted a fellow ganja enthusiast named Miguel who was kind enough to supply me with some for my travels. The mountain summoned Miguel as a reward because of the magical tuning powers of 432hz.

After a nice time of writing I hit the road and stopped in Miami, AZ. Another miner ghost town that is now a biker/tourist trap. Talked to the owner of an antique store & she said the builiding was owned by the founder of Miami and is haunted by little children. She also mentioned the most ghost activity occurs in the building accross the street and it used to house all of the miners.

Once I made it to the Superstition Mountains it was already 4pm and didn't have a lot of sun light left. Immediatley I lost my shirt, the map, & noticed that my phone was about to die. Once I made it to the top of the mountain I could see Phoenix 60 miles off in the distance. Things seemed alright until the sun went down and that’s when the canyon really came alive. I heard so many different noises and honestly couldn't distinguish what animal or alien was making what noise. There was a "creature" that sounded like a Kangaroo mixed with a Bobcat that would make this yelping noise every 30 seconds. It slowly followed me out of the canyon but I never saw it. I tried to rely on the moonlight so my eyes could adjust and save the battery on my almost dead $2 flashlight. I was forced to use my flashlight when I almost stepped on a rattle snake. The snake was nice enough to let me know that it was there to avoid conflict. At this point my adrenaline kicked in and I sprinted 2 miles back to my car while frantically looking for snakes on the trail. While I was running I felt as if "things" were running along side of me. I took a shower at the camp grounds and afterwards couldn't find my car.

Found my car eventually and am alive for another opportunity to cheat death.

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