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I came, I saw, I didn't die.

Another day in the Superstitions

The most common mystery that occurs in the mountains are people being found decapitated AND shot in the head. After I wrote "I came, I saw, I didn't die", I read in a book that a prospector in 1932 named Adolph Ruth also quoted "Veni, vidi, vici" in his diary. They found his diary on his decapitated body suggesting he may have found the "Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine". He had also been shot in the head. CRAZY!!

The hike at the time seemed dull but in retrospect was amazing. I almost gave up half way just because I got bored of the scenery. Looking back at the photos scare me because I now realize how dangerous it could have easily become from encoutnering snakes, serial killers, breaking bones, falling off a cliff, or getting lost. Don't worry mom, I had plenty of water.

Next time I want to bring my guitar to a canyon I found and write music. The echoes in the canyon felt like they could easily cause a rock avalanche which would be super metal. On the way out I met a turtle named Bob who told me he used to be a prospector.

Woke up at dawn and got some great pictures of Venus and Saturn above the Superstition mountains.

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