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Spicy Loops first European & U.K Tour!

Spicy Loops is going international for the first time! Zero connections or gigs lined up. I have to get as much of my live setup into two bags! I'lll be collecting drone shots of my locations and filming any live performances.


I'm going to approach venues and busk all over the United Kingdom, France, & Germany for future connections.

Any donations will help with travel expenses such as train tickets, extra luggage fees for equipment, & hotels. I'll be documenting the trip as the journey unfolds!

UK & European Tour 2023

11/16: London, England

11/17: London, England

11/18: Paris, France

11/19th: Paris, France

11/20: Strasburg, France

11/21: Heidelberg, Germany - Staying in a Hostel

11/22: Heidelberg, Germany

11/23: Paris, France

11/24: Paris, France

11/25: London, England

See you on the road!

Nathan Hinojosa


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