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Spicy History

Since 2015, Spicy Loops has toured extensively across the Southwest, captivating audiences in Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and California. Founder Nathan's commitment led him to live in his car for a year while touring the American Southwest, setting the stage for the band's busy performance schedule.

After their debut album "White Sands" in 2015, Spicy Loops has released five more albums. Their global influence grew in 2023 with tours in England, France, and Germany, followed by a maiden tour in Japan in 2024. Currently, the band is recording their sixth album, with plans for a Fall 2024 release.

Spicy Loops' distinctive live shows feature live looping, utilizing various pedals and loop effects to craft a lush, fully-produced sound. They tune their music to 528Hz, offering the audience a peaceful and harmonious musical journey.

Band Members

Guitarist Nathan Hinojosa, hailing from Coarsegold, California, draws inspiration from guitar icons like Ottmar Liebert, Jesse Cook, and Vicente Amigo. Blending flamenco, reggae, and pop elements, Spicy Loops offers a diverse musical palette in their shows.

Vocalist Xtina Rios, a native of Elgin, Texas, infuses the group with Spanish lyrics and Latin flair. Xtina, a co-writer, pens all the lyrics.

Mikke Zeoli, a longstanding percussionist, contributed to most tracks on the album "The Square" and plays a crucial role in Spicy Loops' live performances.


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